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What’s the problems here?

Well she’s horrible, 0/5/4.
She’s using boobs for money.
She’s bronze IV (and they’re capitalized. in her stream name.
She has the brazzers logo.
Her face takes up 35% of the screen. (can’t see most of the game)

And worst of all


Fixed it. 

oh my god


this is OP and his background.

are you serious?

who put you in a position to judge anyone for their oversexualisation?

who put you in a position to judge anyone - PERIOD.

dont scroll through OPs blog, its nothing but MLP rule 34 

OP bashes on someone because oversexualization

OP has nothing but anthro pony porn



5 of the Creepiest Sites You’ll Visit Today

1. - The page is titled “Television Without Context” and features a constant loop of videos ranging from bizarre security camera scenes to voiced-over cartoons.

2. Sentimental Corp - The homepage alone will leave you wondering if you should go further. If you want to be confused and slightly disturbed, then the answer is yes. The gif-like icons at the top of the page redirect viewers to pages such as “Goat Worship”, which features a 30+ minute video of a demonic Ronald McDonald.

3. MarbleHornets - An introduction video plays automatically, explaining the story of a young filmmaker named Alex. Alex was working on a project when he suddenly dropped it and requested that the types be burned. He later disappeared. The channel owner posts various video entries that were left behind by Alex.

4. The Dionaea House - The site’s owner, Eric, has posted the lengthy, super creepy email correspondences between himself and a friend (Mark) who receives word that their old friend Andrew was involved in a murder-suicide. Mark timelines his investigation of their hometown and the house that he believes drove Andrew insane. (I highly recommend reading these.)

5. Magibon Project  - You can see this one for yourselves.

For more sites: [x]

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